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Yahoo! Publisher Network Still Low Quality

Posted in Yahoo! Search Marketing by Tom on Nov 12th 2007

One of Yahoo’s search partners just destroyed another of my good PPC keywords. And i’m in the UK so I can’t even use the new domain blocking feature to solve the problem. Take a look at the Google Analytics screenshot below and you’ll see how a particular site sent me 87 visits in 5 days. Those 87 visits cost me £135~ ($284) with a bounce rate of 88% and resulted in 0 conversions. This particular keyword normally gets 1 or 2 clicks a month from Yahoo! and converts great for me. Then for good measure they threw in a few hits from a Yahoo! mail server in the US complimentary of… my own bank account. My campaign is targeted to the UK.

Low quality clicks from Yahoo! Publisher Network

How to Join the Yahoo! Publisher Network

If you look at the site in question you’ll see how crap it is – just two lists of sponsored links. Is that all it takes to be a Yahoo! search partner? Maybe I should go build a site in 5 minutes and make myself some easy money.

I Want a Refund

I’ve contacted their customer support about this as I want a refund. There’s no way those clicks were from people searching for the keyword im bidding on or even anything close to it.


Yahoo! have kindly given me a refund for these clicks.

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